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A more sustainable wnc

Monday, March 19th, 2007

The amount of development in Western North Carolina is staggering. There is so much happening and changing in our region that it is very difficult to keep up. I hope that the launch of will help facilitate education and interconnectedness in our region so that as we grow, we can do so in a way that serves our ecological community and our future generations. I have a vision for WNC that I still believe is possible to create. With abundant natural beauty, resources and temperate climate people flock here, many of which, ironically, do so to learn about sustainable living. Maybe we can’t stop the growth completely, but we can work through both policy and education to make sure that our community grows consistent with its cultural values and ecological needs. I truly believe that we can grow in a way that is, in and of itself, an art form that serves both the environment and humanity. What is sustainable development? What is sustainable building? These are questions that have no simple answer or simple solution but they are full of possibilities and full of choices to do things better. We can build houses for people to live in that will not be torn down in 50 years. We can build houses that use such little energy that we won’t have to build any new power plants. We can build houses with materials that support local business and economy. Likewise we can also build houses that don’t pollute the natural beauty that has beckoned us here in the first place. My hope, and reason for getting into building in the first place, is that by spending time in healthy places that are more connected to their surroundings then, people too will become more connected and sensitive to the world around them. My hope is that this blog will be a place to learn more about green building and the development of our community at large. So let me know how I am doing.

Hello world!

Monday, March 19th, 2007

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